Children need chiropractic too!

As the twig is bent,
so grows the tree!

Children suffer from back and neck pain just as adults do, but unfortunately many parents do not realise their children have a spinal, and therefore, a health problem. They deserve the same if not more attention than adults as their spines and nervous systems are still developing and can be more easily corrected.

Chiropractic care for children can be an important part of a family's health regime. Why let children suffer? If and when they complain, believe them. And the health care professional that can best address their pain? – a doctor of chiropractic, naturally.

Back and neck pain are rampant in our society and can strike children at any time. Chiropractors have said that children haven't had a chance since birth. And it's true. The delicate spinal bones are still just cartilage and can be easily damaged during the birth process.

And then there's the 'normal' falls and sprains that take their effect.

If you think children don't suffer spinal problems (called subluxations) think again. In a recent study of the incidence of back and neck pain from childhood to adolescence, one in 10 children (age 9) suffered from neck pain and one in three suffered back pain.

From age 15 the incidence increases dramatically as the developing spine is at its most vulnerable, due largely to sports, bad posture, use of computers, heavy school bags and other such activities. Nearly one in six adolescents reported neck pain and nearly one in two reported back pain, creating a major health issue requiring chiropractic intervention.

  Neck Pain Back Pain
Age 9 years 10% 33%
Age 13 years 7% 28%
Age 15 years 15% 48%

Back and neck pain affect people of all ages, from babies to the elderly. If your children haven't yet been to a doctor of chiropractic, now's the time – regardless of whether they're in pain or not. Remember, lack of pain doesn't mean you're well.

Preventing pain before it starts is the secret to ongoing health and wellness. Your children deserve that as much as you do.

Isn't it time you had them checked by your doctor of chiropractic!

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