What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is based on the ‘vitalistic’ principle – the concept that there is some spark that exists in the living, but not the non-living. We are more than just the sum of our parts. Chiropractors refer to this ‘vital spark’, ‘energy’ or ‘soul’ as Inborn (or Innate) Intelligence.

The premise of inborn intelligence suggests that, given the right environment, our body has the capacity to heal itself.

Chiropractic therefore focuses on removing interference to inborn intelligence and helping create that ideal environment. Adjustments to correct spinal imbalance and enhance nerve function, exercises to revitalise muscles and organs, nutritional advice to provide good sources of energy, breathing techniques to oxygenate the cells and strategies to deal with stress and calm the body, all have this ultimate aim.

Chiropractors may often refer you to other practitioners, such as naturopaths, acupuncturists, personal trainers and psychologists, to assist in achieving these goals. A chiropractor refers to a GP when a different approach is needed.

Many people’s symptoms such as back pain, headaches, etc. are relieved by chiropractic care. But symptoms are not the focus. Symptoms are helpful in determining a diagnosis, and then the focus is on creating better function in the body. The absence of symptoms is a pleasant side-effect of having a body that works better.

The effectiveness of a vitalistic approach is not related to the amount of money spent on healthcare. The USA spends more of its GDP on healthcare that any other country, yet the overall health of its citizens ranks only 37 out of 191 countries.

Poorer countries such as Colombia, Morocco, Chile and Costa Rica all rank higher.

Spending a great deal of money on high-tech diagnosis and treatment does not guarantee a healthy life. So where does health really come from?

The chance of living 100 years is higher now than any other time in history. But this prospect does not seem attractive if we are to spend the bulk of our later years in poor health, frail and confined to a nursing home.

We want to be vital right to the end. We want our life to be like a candle – one that burns brightly from the moment of conception right through, only to flutter out right at the very end of our mortal existence.

Chiropractors often talk about living a Chiropractic lifestyle. At the core of this is the recognition that health does not come from a magic pill. Rather, within each of us resides an inborn intelligence which, when respected and nurtured with a few fundamental ingredients, will bring lifelong health.

The message is simple – health comes from within. Ultimately your health tomorrow, and that of your children, is born out of your beliefs, thoughts and actions today. At OneWay Chiropractic we can help you maintain a healthy life through to your later years.